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 Two Brothers Canoe Inc.

"Focused On The Product Not The Profits"

The Photo is showing the thickness of our Royalex layup.  Our canoes are very strong!


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11485 Walkenbach Road 

Rogers, Arkansas 72756







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We Recycle 99% of All Waste Material Produced in Our Shop. 



Two Brothers Canoe is a local company based north of Beaver Lake in Rogers, Arkansas.  When we say "Two Brothers"  that's is exactly who we are!  My brother "William" and I "Louis"  have developed this idea to make canoes from the ground up, just the two of us building the oven to making the molds. We have done it all.  When possible the materials all came from local companies such as Wheeler Metals, Gardner building supply & more Northwest Arkansas companies.  We believe in our local economy and do what we can to "buy local" and we hope you do too!

William and I both work other jobs that support our families.  It's the love of canoeing, the beautiful rivers, Lakes of Arkansas/Missouri  and beyond that keep us working the weekends & evenings to advance our little company. 

We would like to again thank each one of our customers for their choice to purchase their canoe from us.  Thank you for your continued support and great word of mouth advertising!!  I have had the pleasure of paddling with many of our customers who I am now proud to call "friends" and I hope this continues for years to come. 

Plain and simple we strive to create an awesome product! Continually striving to improve every aspect of what we do, we build each and every canoe as it were going to be owned and paddled by us. 

We are currently working on our next design "Nomad"  It is shaping up to be an awesome all purpose canoe stable and steadfast. We hope to be releasing it in the Spring of next year.  Be on the Lookout for the "Nomad"!! 

Please feel free to contact me anytime either though email or phone with any questions you may have.  I love to talk about our canoes and how they will or will not fit for the type of experience you are looking for in a canoe.


Louis Shaw


< Background: Up-close picture of a puddle on Lee Creek

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Photo by Kristian R. Underwood: Ken Wallace & Daughter

"Jump Start" -- Mulberry River, AR 3/16/2013

Photo by Kristian R. Underwood: Ken Wallave & Daughter, Mulberry River, AR 3/16/2013

Photo: David Gottschalk, Buffalo National River, Arkansas 2-2-12

Photo: Jackson Graham, Spring River, AR


Photo: Jackson and Katherine, Spring River, AR

Photo: Frank Lyons, Mulberry River, Arkansas 7/10